Hi, and welcome to Culture & Klass Jewelry!

My name is Vianca and I’m the founder and designer for Culture & Klass. I started my business in the middle of the pandemic, like many others, the downtime allowed me to finally give life to create. But I’ve been dreaming of my brand for quite some time now. I am a full-time mom and full-time educator so being a business owner can be quite hectic, but my vision is to make this my full-time very soon.

The question I get often is what does the name mean? I chose the name, Culture & Klass because I truly believe Culture influences everything around us. Everything has some sort of culture that drives the way it functions, for my brand Culture represents high fashion, glam, & ultimate self-care. Klass with a K represents just that of a classy female. I envisioned a jewelry line that would marry culture and “klass” together. I wanted to curate pieces for the everyday girl, the trendy girl, and the “klassy” girl. Because who doesn’t have multiple styles?

I am very excited to share this experience with you, but I am really overjoyed to share some really unique pieces, especially those from the personalized collection. I wanted to curate timeless pieces that would never go out of style. My goal is to create a fun, one-of-a-kind shopping experience that will provide conversation pieces for your everyday wear or special event. When people see your rocking jewelry from Culture & Klass, I hope they will feel compelled to grab some of our pieces as well.

Whether you shop with us or tell others about our brand, I want to personally say thank you for your continued business and support!

Xoxo, Vianca

Klass is in session, you're subscribed!